[Tutorial] View htm/html files in FAR

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[Tutorial] View htm/html files in FAR

Post by cyberwolf » Mon 22 Apr, 2013 23:10

User abelenki posted in the russian part of the forum about using Lynx to view html files.
I thought I'd make a tutorial in english using his post as a starting point, so, first of all, thanx abelenki for the idea.

Here are the programs that I've found that can display html files in text mode (there might be more)

From the above 4 programs I'll describe how to set up eLinks to be used as viewer for htm/html files,

Step1 download the latest version you can find (i could only find version 0.11.6 stable and version 0.12pre3 beta),
Step2 Extract it to a folder of your choice, for example %FARHOME%\utils\eLinks
Step3 Download the attached eLinks.cfg.zip archive and extract it in the folder where you've put elinks in
Step4 Make a new file association in FAR (F9->Commands->File Associations) and add
- to the "file mask" :

Code: Select all

*.htm, *.html
- to the description : whatever you want, for example : "View with eLinks"
- to the "View command (used for F3):" the following code :
  1. "%FARHOME%\utils\eLinks\elinks.cmd" "!.!"
save the file association (close the dialog with the OK button)
The dialog should look something like the next

Evrika, now, whenever you press the F3 key in FAR when you're on a htm/html file you'll view it in eLinks :Yahoo!:

For those interested, here is the contents of the files from the archive (you can create them yourself) :

Note : if you combine the text mode browser with file converters, you can make FAR display many types of files (for example you can convert XLS files to HTML or PDF to HTML and view the text in FAR retaining text coloring)

Note2: there is also a plugin called Hyperview that can display htm/html files, sadly it hasn't been developed in quite some time and it has some bugs (for example it cannot display tables and sometimes it doesn't decode the html file correctly).

P.S. I've tested the above commands with FAR3, in theory it should work with version 1.75 and 2 too, but i didn't test them.

P.S.2 if you know of any other text mode browser that works in windows, let me know and I'll add it here.
Sorry for writing in English in the Russian forums, but i don't speak Russian and don't trust online translators. :D

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Re: [Tutorial] View htm/html files in FAR

Post by Hedin » Thu 25 Apr, 2013 08:16

Very nice. Thanks!

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