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DirSync3 — Synchronize Directories

Posted: Thu 23 Jul, 2015 16:49
by pepak
After about 18 months of betatesting, I think we can officially announce the completely new DirSync, a plugin for synchronization of directories.

Its history is somewhat complicated: Back in 2009 I wanted a synchronization plugin which didn't exist at the time. So I took the sources from FAR 1's Advanced Compare and modified them in several places to get the functionality I wanted. The result was the original DirSync. Maximus5 later took this plugin, updated it for FAR 2 compatibility and released it as DirSyncW. He continued developing the plugin for some time and eventually he implemented some new features and also provided a MacroLib script for better control of the editor with synchronization info. For some reason I didn't like his script, so I rewrote the script, but kept using the plugin.

Last year, I finally decided that the plugin is ripe for a complete rewrite. I tossed out all of the previous code and started from scratch. I kept a lot of the original functionality because it was proven to be useful, but I changed a lot of things which seemed to be cumbersome and added a whole lot of new features, such as full FAR2/FAR3 32bit/64bit compatibility, full support for long paths, a significantly extended support for the editor with synchronization data (which no longer needs an external script, supports blocks, has info in the keybar, etc.). It is now possible to e.g. visually compare (using WinMerge or any other tool you like) two files when an overwrite prompt is shown or the ability to first handle the easy stuff and keep all confirmations for later.

For the list of what's new, please read the following posts in the discussion thread:

DirSync3 — Synchronize Directories

Posted: Sun 10 Jan, 2016 16:05
by techie
It will help to describe what this plugin really does. =) Looks like it is not as I first thought.

DirSync3 — Synchronize Directories

Posted: Sat 18 Feb, 2017 10:14
by pepak
Version 1.01
  • Fixed very long filenames from version v0.90 - the feature did not actually work.
  • The user's decision for the "delete directory" operation (Delete/Skip) is now applied to files within that directory, too.
  • Fixed incorrect redraw after pressing ESC during the synchronization phase.
  • When synchronizing directories, copy also file attributes (read-only, hidden etc.).
  • During the initial scan for differences, show the indeterminate progress status in the FAR Manager icon. It will get removed when the scan completes.
  • Refresh the panels when synchronization completes.