Screen buffer always destroyed

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Screen buffer always destroyed

Post by BugMe » Fri 18 Feb, 2011 11:35

I'm running FAR 2.0.1777 x64 on Win7 and I'm using HIEW ( as external viewer inside FAR. My screen resolution is 1920x1080. Today I updated to build 1807 and noticed the following bug:

When FAR is running maximized (Alt-F9) and I run HIEW to view a file (either from command line or by Alt-F3), the FAR screen buffer will be destroyed after HIEW exists. It will just show menu bar and button bar, everything else is black. I have to do "/rc" every time. It only happens when FAR uses a big screen buffer (like fullscreen). It works fine in normal 80x25 text mode and I was able to expand the window by trial-and-error up to 196x80 or 230x68 without getting this bug, but 198x80, 196x82, 232x68, 230x70 and everything bigger will destroy the screen buffer.

FAR 2.0.1777 does not have this bug, no matter how big I make the window (even 8000x4000 text mode works fine).

I guess it has something to do with
drkns 11.01.2011 21:38:40 +0200 - build 1782

1. /rc key is removed - original console state is always restored.
drkns 11.01.2011 21:38:40 +0200 - build 1782

1. Ключ /rc удалён - исходное состояние консоли восстанавливается всегда.
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Re: Screen buffer always destroyed

Post by acker » Sat 19 Nov, 2011 21:52

For those who have the same problem: it seems problem is solved in Far 3. Sadly there is no nightly build yet.

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