FAR 3 problem

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FAR 3 problem

Post by larandi » Mon 02 Jan, 2012 15:54

Hi , does anybody obtain an arror in FAR 3.0 "The system call level is not correct , cannot read the disk in drive X " , when accessing a data array share ?
In windows explorer I`m able to see the same share without problem.

Thanks for any advice.


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Re: FAR 3 problem

Post by t-rex » Mon 02 Jan, 2012 19:41

What Far build? Did you try the latest?

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Re: FAR 3 problem

Post by TuTa » Wed 08 Feb, 2012 22:14

I have same problem. I get "The system call level is not correct. Cannot read folder contents" when I try access certain network folders. After I click OK the list of files are displayed. The list is not complete. If I go to the same folder using FAR2 or Explorer - I have no problems getting full list.

The trouble folder has 151 folders and 74 files (225 total).
FAR3 sees only 70 folders and 55 files (125 total).

I use latest (at the moment) build - 3.0.2442 x64

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