Progress bar color...

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Progress bar color...

Post by Mauro72 » Tue 18 Jan, 2011 16:44

Any chance to customize the color of progress bar operation. Example:

Copy progress bar (Green color)
Deleting progress bar (Red color)
Moving progress bar (Yellow color)
Compresing archive (Blue color)
Decompresing archive (Orange color)

Will be more highlighting and easy to view the current transferring work of FAR

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Re: Progress bar color...

Post by vik » Tue 18 Jan, 2011 19:51

Good idea! F5 and F6 is too close on the keyboard :)
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Re: Progress bar color...

Post by Centaur » Wed 19 Jan, 2011 04:50

Bad idea. If you pressed the wrong key and see the progress bar of the wrong color, you have already lost. Better learn to read the dialogs you press Enter in.

No other file manager or application indicates different operations with progress bars of different colors. FAR is not an Xmas tree.

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Re: Progress bar color...

Post by cyberwolf » Wed 19 Jan, 2011 17:29

Centaur wrote:...FAR is not an Xmas tree.
But it could become one ;)

Anyways, as you said it's better to pay attention to what you're doing as when the progress bar is shown it's usually to late to change anything (you probably already moved/deleted a few files and you can't Undo that operation ).
Sorry for writing in English in the Russian forums, but i don't speak Russian and don't trust online translators. :D

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