Folder History Navigation Improvement idea - Huge benefit

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Folder History Navigation Improvement idea - Huge benefit

Post by mrclive » Fri 20 Jan, 2012 23:52

I'm an avid use of FAR and in fact I can't live without it. There is one serious problem with far that deters the main reason I use it - the ability to track and access which folders I have frequently and recently used.

FAR lets me jump around between build, test, release, debug, source code, and network shares; I often have 2 FARs open at once at all times everyday.

However, when I move up and down directory trees manually, very quickly my beautiful useful history is smashed by useless entries and my valuable entries are far at the top of the history or popped off the top.

The solution? I've fantasized about this many times.
The directory history Alt-12 can be navigated using up and down arrow; if the left and right arrow ALSO worked, you could chose where on that history-line you wanted to land.

For example instead of a history that looks like this:

The history would look like this:

If I wanted to quickly get to "c:\projects"? ALT-F12, up-arrow to highlight "c:\projects\sender\debug\bin" and "bin" would be colored, and LEFT arrow until "projects" is colored and press ENTER.

By "compressing" the folder trees in the history, my important paths will always be available to me even when I need to sometimes up and down my folder tree which happens pretty often.

P.S. I'd gladly make the change myself and submit the code for review. I'd very much enjoy this feature. It's almost perfect.

- Max

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Re: Folder History Navigation Improvement idea - Huge benefi

Post by jonib » Sat 21 Jan, 2012 04:00

Sounds like Alternative History plugin has the functionality you want.
You can specify how long you must be in a directory for it to be recorded in the history, resulting in much more relevant entries.


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