Visual Rename

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Visual Rename

Post by JimWilson » Wed 08 Apr, 2009 21:06

Over in the Russian forum there's a plugin called Visual Rename, which could be very helpful for me. I found two threads that discuss it: ... lit=visren

I can't find anything about it in the English forum though. Unfortunately, when I try to run it using FAR 1.75 RC 2556 I get a message saying there was an error running VisRen.dll. :( Does anybody know about this plugin, and if there's a way to get it to run with 1.75?

I was able to find what looks like the authors email address in the file but since there's no mention of the plugin in the English forum I suspect he might only speak Russian, so I figured it would probably be better to post a question here first.


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Re: Visual Rename

Post by chupakabra » Wed 08 Apr, 2009 21:27

Put pcre.dll into plugin directory.

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Re: Visual Rename

Post by JimWilson » Thu 09 Apr, 2009 00:38

That worked. :Yahoo!:


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Re: Visual Rename

Post by sallyyoung32 » Fri 10 Jun, 2011 10:25

That worked for me as well. :Yahoo!: :Yahoo!:

file renamer

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Visual Renaming... error in last FAR3 build.

Post by Mauro72 » Wed 11 Apr, 2012 18:36

VisRen, is the plugin.
In the lasts version of FAR3 this plugin no work anymore.
Or may be is a bar config in my FAR3.
Any help?

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Re: Visual Rename

Post by cyberwolf » Mon 23 Apr, 2012 16:08

Using the Far3wrapper made by Maximus5 you can load the Visual Rename plugin in FAR3.
You can find the Visual Rename HERE and Far3Wrapper HERE.

In order to make the VRname to work, first of all install the Far3wrapper, then rename the VisRen.dll file to VisRen.dl_ and create a new file called visrenloader.ini in the folder where visren.dl_ is containing the following code

Code: Select all

Description=Far 2.x plugin
RegRoot=Software\Far Manager\Plugins
Now copy the loader.dll file from the Far3wrapper to the folder where visren.dl_ is and rename it visrenloader.dll.
If you did everything well after restarting FAR3 you'll have a working "Visual renaming files" command in the plugins menu :D

I hope this helps.
Sorry for writing in English in the Russian forums, but i don't speak Russian and don't trust online translators. :D

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