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Post by henrypijames » Wed 19 May, 2010 05:00

Can someone write a plugin that displays the file version information of the current file (under cursor), the way "filever" from the Windows XP Support Tools does?

BTW, why does Windows 7 no longer have Support Tools?

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Re: FileVer

Post by topmo3 » Wed 19 May, 2010 06:18

try this
As for me - use VersionInfo plugin (03.12.2000) by Ilya Rodichev.
Alternatively you can call windows Properties dialog with EMenu.

PS: i use Far 2

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Re: FileVer

Post by GrAnD » Wed 19 May, 2010 07:13

try filever
FAR 2 only

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Re: FileVer

Post by Volodya » Wed 19 May, 2010 09:03

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