Overriding CtrlWinUp/CtrlWinDown

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Overriding CtrlWinUp/CtrlWinDown

Post by galaxy_far_FAR_away » Sun 11 Dec, 2016 15:26

I like to do something by CtrlWinUp/CtrlWinDown but action not called (both panel's height adjusted instead):

key = 'CtrlWinUp';
area = 'Shell';
flags = 'EmptyCommandLine';
action = function()

msgbox ("Up!");


As I remember, maybe this worked a while ago because I wrote this macro earlier...

Thanks for You help!
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Overriding CtrlWinUp/CtrlWinDown

Post by HaRT » Sun 11 Dec, 2016 16:44

It's only possible by means of a special script — please find it here: viewtopic.php?p=139188#p139188 (in Russian). Please use your favorite online translator to read the Usage and Limitations/Notes hidden in spoilers.
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