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Post by hoffenfar » Wed 10 Apr, 2013 14:43

If I copy a far manager installation (via xcopy, etc.), including the profile an all settings, to another machine and call it there for the first time, I had to manually dimension the console windows and font type.
Is there any easy way to automate this? Ok, I could write e.g. a little PowerBASIC console program which uses the console API to set the columns and rows, and another one to dynamically load a certain font, put this together in a .BATch wrapper that finally calls FAR, but this isn't really so easy as it sounds :(

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Re: Deployment

Post by KlepetoX » Thu 11 Apr, 2013 14:06

I think it would be possible with Console Control plugin and macro with it running on startup. You can find it here, include some examples in macros ... r&can=2&q=

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Re: Deployment

Post by Acerbic » Sat 13 Apr, 2013 09:03

or you can use ConEmu.
Its a visual wrapper for console applications (including Far) and has all the configuration options one may imagine.

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