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by rcollins
Thu 12 May, 2011 08:01
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Best FTP Client
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Re: Best FTP Client

I use fire ftp for my webhosting. Had no problems so far. And its free to and is updated a lot!
by rcollins
Wed 11 May, 2011 01:37
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Installation ended prematurely ... why?
Replies: 27
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Re: Installation ended prematurely ... why?

It probably ended because there was an error with one of the custom actions the installation entailed. But for some reason, the error was not logged which would make it hard to be pinpointed. If you were able to install it under debugger without any error, then that would be good news. I have been u...
by rcollins
Wed 11 May, 2011 01:33
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Auto-Translation
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Re: Auto-Translation

I think this is already implemented online using google translate. I have been using it for quite a while now as I have joined some forums with really unfamiliar language. Though, you would have to personally set the source language which could be a little challenging if you have no idea what it is ...
by rcollins
Wed 11 May, 2011 01:30
Forum: Suggestions and Ideas
Topic: Requesting phone flasher for new platform
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Re: Requesting phone flasher for new platform

I think you are referring to a completely different type of access in my opinion. It would need an established platform for you to be able to do that but quite honestly, this could not be achieved with what we have now as it is a totally new function. And unless the developers would be willing to go...
by rcollins
Wed 11 May, 2011 01:27
Forum: Suggestions and Ideas
Topic: Plugins auto-update
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Re: Plugins auto-update

Yes, this auto update for the plug ins. I bet this would just need very little work as there is already an existing and working updater plug in. It would just need to be tweaked a little to get the plugin updates as well. Though, you would need a central repository for the plugins to be updated as i...

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