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by Toma
Thu 01 Sep, 2011 11:01
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: MANTIS / Tiny Bug
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Re: MANTIS / Tiny Bug

If you are behind a web proxy that utilizes multiple exit points, then the session validation will fail, as your session looks like it is being hijacked. In 1.2.0rc1, uncheck the "secure session" option when you log into Mantis to turn off the validation. Alternatively, you can set $g_session_valida...
by Toma
Tue 30 Aug, 2011 12:24
Forum: Suggestions and Ideas
Topic: Browse device's content (mobile phone)
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Re: Browse device's content (mobile phone)

JohnCena83 wrote:Also you can installing Opera Mini browser for your phone.
yeap, that was an ideal way out for me. Opera mini has fortunately a looong list of phones it supports :)

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