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by Sasha_Chernykh
Thu 27 Apr, 2017 18:30
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1. Problem I'm sorry, I don't can register in . I reproduce the problem 2 times in 2 different browsers. 2. Steps to reproduce I open> page → Signup for a new account → I insert my data in input fields → I get e-ma...
by Sasha_Chernykh
Thu 27 Apr, 2017 17:55
Forum: Support and Troubleshooting
Topic: Auto-wrap command line text
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Auto-wrap command line text

1. Briefly I don't find, how Far Manager may auto-wrap to new line long commands, that I print. 2. Settings For example, I wrote long command in terminal: sfk replace Sasha-Black-description.html -pat "_css/Sasha-Black_../css/Sasha-Black/_" -yes 3. Expected behavior If I wrote this command in Clink...

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