Polygon - работа с файлами SQLite3

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Polygon - работа с файлами SQLite3

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Плагин сделан на основе плагина SQLiteDB Артёма Сеничева.
Для плагина требуется внешняя sqlite3.dll соответствующей битности, находящаяся в папке плагина или в папке Far или на PATH.

GitHub repository

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Version 0.1
Changes with regards to the original SQLiteDB plugin.
    1. [change ] SQLite library is not embedded into plugin: external sqlite3.dll is required.
    2. [change ] Plugin exports files in UTF-8 encoding rather than UTF-16.
    3. [fix    ] DB file is not left locked by the plugin if another plugin is selected to open this DB.
    4. [fix    ] Normal work with selection when the panel displays a table contents.
    5. [add    ] Option "Honor foreign keys" (Settings dialog).
    6. [add    ] Option "Preserve line feeds" (Data Export dialog). This option preserves new lines in CSV-export.
    7. [add    ] Plugin can enter into "WITHOUT ROWID" tables (insert is supported; edit and delete are not).
    8. [add    ] Plugin can enter into and modify tables that have a "rowid"-named column that is not INTEGER PRIMARY KEY.
    9. [improve] Data Export dialog: change extension in the file name field when CSV/Text selection changes.
   10. [improve] Eliminate flickering with the progress window.
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