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Registry Browser (он же FarReg)

Posted: Sat 27 Jun, 2009 14:10
by yms
Не прошло и шести лет с выхода предыдущей версии, как юникодный registry browser уж тут как тут :)

[+] The first Unicode version (for FAR 2.00). Keys and values can be
imported/exported/edited/created in Unicode.
[+] Buttons added to copy dialog from .reg files (mouse-friendly).
[*] List of locations for GUID/ProgID Lookup was defined more correctly
and expanded.
[-] Security editor didn't work correctly on Vista/2008.
[-] Ctrl-J didn't jump to right location in REGEDIT on 64-bit systems.
[-] Hive file sometimes remained locked after closing. Restarting FAR was
[-] When deleting a key, the plugin attempted to open its parent key
with unnecessary KEY_ENUMERATE_SUB_KEYS flag.

upd: из-за серьезного бага юникодная версия убрана от греха подальше. Ниже выложена 3.01.

Багфикс 3.01

Posted: Sun 28 Jun, 2009 07:47
by yms

Version 3.01, 28 Jun 2009

[-] Lastt characterr wass duplicatedd when F4-editing values in the Unicode version.
[-] Ctrl-G didn't work in the Unicode version.
[-] Some unnecessary permissions were still requested when deleting a key.

Багфикс 3.02

Posted: Fri 03 Jul, 2009 10:25
by yms
Version 3.02, 3 Jul 2009

[-] Unicode version: memory allocation bug crashed FAR sometimes.
[-] ANSI version: fixed sorting by names and descriptions (intl chars).

Версия 3.10

Posted: Fri 17 Jul, 2009 18:28
by yms
Version 3.10, 17 Jul 2009

[+] The first 64-bit version is available.
[+] Export to both old REGEDIT4 and newer Unicode REG files is possible in both versions of the plugin.
[-] ANSI version: FAR crash when sorting by descriptions.
[-] ANSI version: fixed some old bugs in export from Unicode REG files
[-] ANSI version: descriptions for multi-line and expanded strings in Unicode .reg files were not displayed correctly.

Known bugs:
don't press F5 on ".." ;)

upd: а вот и 64-битная версия, выкладываю ее сюда же.

Версия 3.20

Posted: Mon 26 Jul, 2010 13:22
by yms
Version 3.20, 25 Jul 2010

[+] On 64-bit Windows, Shift-F3 switches the 32-bit plugin to the 64-bit registry, or the 64-bit plugin to the 32-bit registry. Pressing Shift-F3 again switches it back.
upd: Warning: Shift-F3 is not quite integrated with other FAR features: e.g., you can't set shortcuts to alternate registry, etc.
[+] Owner names are cached, the limitation of displaying owners only for 100 items is removed.
[-] Owners sometimes were not displayed for remote machines and for the TrustedInstaller user.
[-] In the Unicode version, F4 pressed on keys sometimes opened Permissions dialog instead of editing.
[-] When F4 is pressed on a multi-string value in .reg file, it is displayed multi-line, like in registry.

upd: тут администратор увлекся удалением файлов, пришлось залить по новой. Счетчики соответственно обнулились.

Re: Registry Browser (он же FarReg)

Posted: Tue 03 Aug, 2010 05:24
by yms
Version 3.21, 3 Aug 2010 (64-bit only)
[-] Crashes in dialogs in the 64-bit version

Re: Registry Browser (он же FarReg)

Posted: Tue 08 May, 2012 18:31
by yms
Не прошло и двух лет с прошлой версии...

Version 3.30, 8 May 2012
NOTE: I found out that all 3.xx versions don't run on Windows 98 :) Please let me know if you need it.
(А то фар пока поддерживает. То ли вычистить из кода ветки 9x, то ли повозиться с рантайм-библиотекой или вернуться на VC2005...)

[+] Versions for Far 3.0 (32- and 64-bit; now 5 builds are released in total)
[+] "Effective Permissions" tab is displayed in Permissions->Advanced dialog (local registry only)
[+] On Vista/Win7/8, when UAC is on, export with "Use Regedit" works. (Ctrl-J and hive operations don't.)
[+] On Vista/Win7/8, hidden files are cleaned up after unloading hive files.
[+] F5/F6 pressed on ".." copy the whole current key
[*] If opening from command line is unsuccessful, an error message is displayed
[*] String values in .reg can be multi-line and are processed until the closing quote
[*] On 64-bit systems, when browsing 32-bit registry, 32-bit regedit is launched on Ctrl-J
and on F5/F6 (when "Use Regedit" is on)
[-] Garbage was displayed in Owner column when owner SID could not be translated to a name
[-] On 64-bit systems, Ctrl-A editor didn't display permission names in 32-bit FAR
[-] Ctrl-Z/Ctrl-G didn't work on values longer than 128 bytes

upd: поправил русские хелпы и языковые файлы, перезалил.
upd2: исправленные версии для Far3 см. ниже.

Re: Registry Browser (он же FarReg)

Posted: Thu 10 May, 2012 21:30
by yms
Version 3.31, 10 May 2012 (FAR 3 only)
[-] Fixed incompatibility with changed and poorly documented Far3 API
[-] Absolute .reg file path is saved in history even if relative path was specified in the command line

Багфикс 3.32

Posted: Sat 19 May, 2012 06:00
by yms
Version 3.32, 19 May 2012
NOTE: whatsnew.txt was renamed to changelog

[-] Editing in "keys as files" mode didn’t work
[-] Editing problems in unicode-only FAR installations where files could not be found because of relative path names.
[-] ANSI version got stuck when entering into keys in "keys as files" mode
[*] Unused "Disks menu hotkey" config item removed in Unicode versions
[*] In Far3, Shift-F1/F2 goes to its own registry settings (it makes sense for ANSI plugins only)
[*] New-style package with subdirectory and Renewal.xml for Renewal plugin (FAR3)

upd: for FAR2 see version 3.33 below.

Багфикс 3.33 (только FAR 2)

Posted: Sat 19 May, 2012 22:22
by yms
Version 3.33, 20 May 2012 (FAR 2 only)

[-] Crash when importing keys and values

Registry Browser (он же FarReg) 3.40

Posted: Thu 31 May, 2012 10:18
by yms
Version 3.40, May 2012

[+] Symbolic link targets are displayed in descriptions. (Previously they were indicated only by the attribute.)
[+] Ctrl-Shift-F1 displays regedit's Favorites menu. (Can be changed in future, or combined with Shift-F1.)
[+] In Unicode versions, Ctrl-Z can edit descriptions longer than 512 chars (Far 1 limitation).
[+] First-level subkeys of HKLM and HKU can be deleted using "unload hive" operation (on your own risk!).
[-] Locked files and handle leaks after opening hives
[-] In Unicode versions, selection was lost when panel was auto updated

Re: Registry Browser (он же FarReg)

Posted: Tue 04 Dec, 2012 20:29
by yms
Version 3.41, 4 Dec 2012 (FAR 3 only)

[*] FAR 3 API changes

Registry Browser (он же FarReg) 3.42

Posted: Fri 21 Dec, 2012 06:55
by yms
Version 3.42, 21 Dec 2012 (FAR 3 only)

[-] When plugin is open, "far /export" resulted in 'database is opened in memory' error

Registry Browser (он же FarReg) 3.43

Posted: Mon 09 Jun, 2014 21:07
by yms
Version 3.43, 9 Jun 2014 (FAR 3 only)

[-] Configuration menu stopped working in latest FAR3 versions

Registry Browser (он же FarReg) 3.44

Posted: Sat 16 Aug, 2014 19:50
by yms
Version 3.44, 16 Aug 2014

[-] Default values for keys were created with wrong names by Ctrl-Z.