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XML Browser

Posted: Thu 20 Aug, 2009 14:03
by yms
Пятилетнему юбилею предыдущей версии посвящается.


Новые фичи: версии для Unicode и x64, а также задаваемый пользователем показ элементов через XPath.

Version 2.00, 20 Aug 2009

[+] Unicode and x64 versions.
[+] Experimental: user-defined XPath rules for column contents. See the help for details.
[-] Byte-order mark is added at the beginning when exporting in UTF-8 format if international characters are present.
[-] Int'l characters in file name were corrupted when XML file is saved

Version 2.10, 16 May 2012

Posted: Wed 16 May, 2012 20:59
by yms
[+] Versions for Far 3.0 (32- and 64-bit), now 5 builds are released in total
[!] NOTE: the plugin for Far 3.0 can read XPath column definitions from registry stored
by older versions, but when it saves them it writes to Far3 database.
[*] When invoked from the command line, the XML path is separated from the filename
with ':' instead of '|', so the syntax looks exactly like in history items.
[+] "Scalar" XPath expressions and functions are possible in user-defined XPath columns.
[+] msxml6.dll is used if present.
[+] New-style package with subdirectory and Renewal.xml for Renewal plugin (FAR3)
[-] Multi-line error messages (e.g. parse errors) were not displayed properly.
[-] In 64-bit FAR, access violation could occur on pressing Ctrl-J or Alt-Shift-F11
[-] In 64-bit FAR, F4 couldn't edit elements.
[-] Editing problems in unicode-only FAR installations where files could not be found
because of relative path names.
[-] The plugin allowed editing by Alt-Shift-F4 but could not import multiple elements,
so now it works like Alt-Shift-F3 (as it should by help).

upd: перезалито ввиду неправильного file_id.diz :)

XML Browser v2.20

Posted: Fri 08 Jun, 2012 18:19
by yms
Version 2.20, 8 Jun 2012

[+] In Unsorted mode, Alt-Shift-Up/Down move the element up/down physically.
[+] Ctrl-Shift-F5 duplicates selected element(s).
[+] Namespace prefixes can be used in XPath expressions.
[*] The plugin starts in Unsorted mode (configurable).
[*] msxml4 and msxml6 are no more used because they don't allow simple XPath selection
when default namespace is defined. Only msxml3.dll is used.
[-] Fixed sorting names with slashes.
[-] XPath column overrides were not saved if only Owner was redefined for the element.

XML Browser v2.21/2.22

Posted: Wed 05 Dec, 2012 20:15
by yms
Version 2.21, 5 Dec 2012
(2.22 for FAR3)

[*] FAR 3 API changes
[-] On file open error, "canceled by the user" message was displayed.

upd: в первоначально выложенном 2.21 для фар3 проскочил баг (недопоменял что-то в API), поэтому для фар3 будет 2.22.

XML Browser v2.23

Posted: Wed 19 Dec, 2012 07:34
by yms
Version 2.23, 19 Dec 2012 (FAR 3 only)

[-] When the plugin is open, "far /export" resulted in error 'database is opened in memory'.
[-] When going up to the parent dir, the cursor was not positioned properly (because of FAR API change).

XML Browser v2.24

Posted: Thu 20 Dec, 2012 08:22
by yms
Version 2.24, 20 Dec 2012 (FAR 3 only)

[-] Yet another cursor position bug fix (again, API change related).

WARNING: the Renewal plugin says the version is 2.23. I don't think it's worth to release another version just because of this bug :)

XML Browser v2.30

Posted: Wed 26 Dec, 2012 19:25
by yms
Version 2.30, 26 Dec 2012

[+] Scalar XPath expression can be evaluated on Ctrl-J; its result is displayed in the message box.
[-] Scalar XPath expressions for columns didn't work with namespaces (such as "substring(@android:name, 20)").
[-] FAR3: Ctrl-Shift-F3 on "directories" didn't work properly. (Not that it would be useful when fixed.)

XML Browser v2.40

Posted: Sat 16 Aug, 2014 17:39
by yms
Version 2.40, 16 Aug 2014

[*] Special Definitions dialog renamed to Column Overrides.
[+] Date/time in UNIX time_t format is accepted in attribute values for column overrides.
[+] (FAR 3 only.) Column Overrides dialog can be called from Options dialog (in XML panels only)
[-] Options dialog didn't open in the last FAR 3 versions
[-] ANSI version: text nodes were not edited by F4 for the last 10 years, but who cares...

XML Browser v2.41

Posted: Thu 25 Sep, 2014 12:21
by yms
Version 2.41, 25 Sep 2014

[+] Can read Unicode files without BOM signature.
[-] In Config dialog, when opened from non-XML-panels, Override Columns button is not displayed (it needs the context).

XML Browser

Posted: Sat 25 Jul, 2015 15:51
by yms
Version 2.50, 25 Jul 2015

[+] Identical names are displayed with indices: item[0], item[1] etc., which fixes selection problems
[-] Memory leak fixed
[!] BSD 3-clause license (just to put things in order)

upd: исходники двух плагинов выложены на github.

XML Browser

Posted: Sun 14 Feb, 2016 09:20
by yms
Version 2.51, 14 Feb 2016
[-] Fixed a number of memory leaks (thanks to Aleksey Dobrunov for bringing it to my attention)

XML Browser

Posted: Thu 24 Mar, 2016 23:28
by yms
Version 2.52, 24 Mar 2016 (64-bit only)

[-] Crash in FAR/x64 under Windows 10 when opening from the command line.