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Posted: Sun 26 Jul, 2015 08:38
by pepak
FRename3 is a very simple editor-driven file rename plugin. It is based on the original FRename for FAR1 by Jouri Mamaev, which I used quite a lot but which became more and more problematic with the coming of FAR 2 and 3. FRename3 is a reimplementation of FRename in Delphi, with full support for both FAR 2 and 3, 32bit and 64bit, and here and there some improvements which I found useful - for example, it adds a few hotkeys to the editor, allowing you to select the target filenames or to jump to the beginning of a target filename.

Plugin in action:

The extra editor functions:

The plugin can be discussed in the discussion thread.

Download - version 2.00 (2019-11-30)


Posted: Sat 30 Nov, 2019 17:06
by pepak
Version 2.00 Changelog
  • Rewritten the plugin to the new framework for FAR plugins. This will enable far easier maintenance in the future.
  • PluginCall support for LuaMacro. Examples of use can be found in FRename3.lua.
  • Russian translation by bigvax and HaRT.
  • Option to display a short description rather than the usual long help. You can reduce the text even more by leaving only an empty string for it in the language file.
  • Option to select the renamed files (instead of the default behavior or keeping the non-renamed files selected). Note that this will be quite slow, particularly with slow drives and/or huge directories.
  • Start with the cursor at the destination filename (as if ALT+F1 were pressed right after opening of the editor).
  • If an error occurs during the renaming, the filelist will be displayed again - but in this version it will only contain the failed files. In previous version, the list would contain even the files which were renamed correctly.
  • If ESCAPE is pressed inside of the "failed to rename" dialog, the renaming process will stop immediately. In the previous versions, it would continue and the failed files would be once again shown in an editor, making it difficult to stop renaming.
  • Refresh the panel automatically after the renaming was finished.
  • Fixed a bug with renaming a file containing a Unicode character which does not fit into 16 bits (e.g. 0x1F920).