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Posted: Sun 26 Jul, 2015 08:57
by pepak
The one thing that I had always missed in FAR as compared to Total Compared was a directory synchronization tool. I originally modified Advanced Compare to DirSyncto perform basic synchronization tasks, and the plugin was further modified by Igor Yudincev and Maximus5 to support FAR 2, but I wasn't quite happy with how the plugin worked, especially with FAR 3. So I rewrote the plugin from scratch, focusing on what I felt a directory synchronization plugin should do anf with full support of both 32bit and 64bit versions of FAR 2 and FAR 3. The basic functionality is the same as in the original DirSync: First the two directory trees are scanned and differences written to a file, then FAR's editor is launched on that file and the user can modify it to his liking. Finally, the synchronization is performed as per the content of the file and the selection of synchronization options. But I added a lot of new features, which are too numerous to list here, but can be found in the english forum discussion thread:

Among others, a number of useful hotkeys are implemented for the editor, and even when synchronizing the plugin tries to help you: for example, in every overwrite confirmation dialog you can compare the two files using a visual compare program such as WinMerge (configurable, of course) and you can remember a choice not only for the rest of the synchronization, but also for specific directory paths (if you feel that you can safely choose "delete all" for C:\some\path but would prefer not to for C:\).

How the two directory paths should be compared:

The result of the comparison:

You can use special editor commands to help you edit or navigate the list:

When you are done, the synchronization options appear:

What to do if a file already exists:

Global plugin options:



Posted: Sat 18 Feb, 2017 10:18
by pepak
Version 1.01
  • Fixed very long filenames from version v0.90 - the feature did not actually work.
  • The user's decision for the "delete directory" operation (Delete/Skip) is now applied to files within that directory, too.
  • Fixed incorrect redraw after pressing ESC during the synchronization phase.
  • When synchronizing directories, copy also file attributes (read-only, hidden etc.).
  • During the initial scan for differences, show the indeterminate progress status in the FAR Manager icon. It will get removed when the scan completes.
  • Refresh the panels when synchronization completes.