FarManager support for copying EXT4 filesystem to NTFS

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FarManager support for copying EXT4 filesystem to NTFS

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I would like to implement a workflow for moving EXT4 to NTFS. Namely I would like to perform the following:

Specify ACL and chown mapping to Windows SAM/Domain accounts.
- (there is atleast one idiosyncracy with how a ch mask interacts with an ACL entry for effective permissions, not really relevant but may be depending on whether you want to maintain effective permissions or a an identical conversion, I have to look up what it is)
Convert posix owning user,group to NTFS owning user,group, ACL to DACL based on mapping.
Convert symbolic posix (Interix?) symbolic links to NTFS junction symbolic links.
Perform a checksum verification on file content and possibly permissions conversion.
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