FAR Manager fork for Windows Nano Server

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FAR Manager fork for Windows Nano Server

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I've been creating quite some windows-based Docker images recently and found Farmanager being very usefull all-in-one GUI tool for debugging various container issues. Possibility to find in files, do quick file edits, visually navigate and inspect file system were very help full. Farmanager works perfectly on all except Windows Nano Server based images. Since Nano Server gives the possibility to produce like x10 smaller images it is very attractive to use it but since it is heavily stripped compared to any other Windows OS version very limited set of software is working. So having to troubleshooting Nano Server containers without Farmanager was even of less fun.

Thus I have tried to make my own stripped build of Farmanager which runs on Windows Nano Server. Please give it a try and leave your feedback. You can build it from source or download pre-built.

Farmanager Nano
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FAR Manager fork for Windows Nano Server

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