Far Manager for Linux, Mac OS X, etc

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Is it possible to FAR was also written under LINUX. Is there any technical or legal issue that the FAR is not developed for Linux. There is, of course, Midnite Commander clone but it's something not quite functional than the FAR.

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Far Manager for Mac OSX Mountain Lion

Post by michaelang »

Previous MacOX method does not work in Mountain Lion anymore, so here is the solutions.

Mountain Lion ("10.8") does not come with X11 any more so we need to install XQuartz first.

Download and Install the latest WineBottler from
At this writing, I use 1.5.31

Launch WineBottler.app, at the top click on "Advanced"
Select: new prefix (default)
Choose Far Installer: Far30b3450.x86.20130613.msi
Select: This is a installer, execute it
The rest leave as default blank/unselected
Then click on "Install"
Save to /Applications and name it as Far3.app
The main Far3 Installer will pop up,
Follow the usual dialogs, click "next" all the way.
After Far installed, WineBottler will ask for StartFile, select "Program Files/Far Manager/Far.exe"

You should now have Far3.app in your /Applications folder.
You will need to edit "startwine" file inside Far3.app so that it will use "wineconsole" instead of "wine" to launch Far3

Use your favorite editor and open this file

At the end of the file you will see # start wine.. change it

exec "$WINEUSRPATH/bin/wine" ...
exec "$WINEUSRPATH/bin/wineconsole" ...

Save it and you are done.

For the initial launch of Far3.app, it might take a bit of time so be patient.

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Re: Far Manager for Linux, Mac OS X, etc

Post by ATrubka »

I've followed all the steps, but it didn't work for me.
I was able to create Far3.app in Applications, it showed correct Far icon and all, but clicking on it doesn't open Far Manager. It attempts to do something, but eventually shuts down after a fraction of a second.

I'd appreciate if you could help me with that.

Far version: Far30b3525.x86.20130717.msi
Wine version: 1.6.1
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Far Manager for Linux, Mac OS X, etc

Post by rafaelbdb »

I have already tried:
  • > Midnight-Commander
    > Double Commander
    > WCM (Wal) Commander
    > Gnome Commander
    > Last File Manager
    > Vifm
    > Ranger
    > Necromancer's Dos Navigator
    > Ytree
    > UnixTree
    > Xtree
And there is nothing even close to FarManager!
Far is the best BY FAR!!
Somebody PLEASE make a version for Linux (that accepts it's commands in terminal)!!!
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Far Manager for Linux, Mac OS X, etc

Post by ded_mad »

I too have tried many different file managers, but FAR was and is the best of all. Unfortunately the version for Linux or OS X is not and most likely never will be.
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Far Manager for Linux, Mac OS X, etc

Post by clu »

@ rafaelbdb : have you ever tried this one http://filemanager.free.fr. I admit the UI is ???, but the set of features...
even has servers integrated and many things others require plugins to do. sadly closed source and like abandonned.
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Far Manager for Linux, Mac OS X, etc

Post by techie »

See https://github.com/elfmz/far2l for work in process. It is Far 2, but maybe helpful anyway.
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