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Format Menu

Posted: Tue 24 Feb, 2009 02:35
by twodev
Hi guys, I'm a long-term FAR user and I'd like to share my plugins with you.

Format Menu is currently built for ANSI FAR, works with both FAR 1.x and FAR 2.x (which I am using). Any ideas and suggestions are welcome. And no, I don't speak Russian ;) I'm having a really hard time browsing the auto-translated forums. I just wish there'd be more English-speaking discussion out there :|

Anyways, the plugin does what I've been missing in FAR for years: file type dependent user menus. Kinda like the Explorer context menu, but better.

At the moment associations are edited by hand via an INI file called formats.conf. I've reproduced the most important special symbols (eg. !.!). The plugin supports multiple commands and FAR prefixes. Basically it accepts everything that the FAR command-line accepts.

For plugin discussion please go here:

Thanks Alex for activating my account. Probably the signup is broken (emails not received at three different addresses)?

Re: Format Dependent Menu - 0.1b

Posted: Sat 28 Feb, 2009 18:37
by twodev

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Sat Feb 28, 2009 - 0.1b

 !	Public preview release

Re: Format Dependent Menu - 0.1b

Posted: Sun 01 Mar, 2009 00:08
by twodev
planned features for the next releases:

- multiple commands per menu item
- menu items that are shown only with panel file selection present
- applying these special menu items to multiple selected files
- optional quick and dirty format detection based on byte testing (kinda like id/idpos of multiarc's custom.ini)
- better string matching, but still simple - no regex overkill - (eg. *.r\d\d matches *.r00, *.r01, *.r02, etc.)

if someone tells me how to design far dialogs other than by using the editor:

- gui with configuration and integrated menu item editing

Re: Format Menu

Posted: Sat 07 Mar, 2009 00:34
by twodev

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Thu Mar 05, 2009 - 0.2b

 !  Now working with FAR 1.75+
 !  Fixed execution problem that might have broken the plugin
    in newer FAR versions.
 !  Fixed broken menu shortcut keys
 +	Support for folders on tree panels
 +	ID string based exclusion of menu items (see IDHex= and IDPos=)
 +  Numpad +/- in menu now invokes the menu for the next/previous panel item

Re: Format Menu - 0.3b

Posted: Fri 26 Feb, 2010 18:49
by twodev

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Fri Feb 26, 2010 - 0.3b

 !  Now fully working with the latest FAR builds
 *  Using extended menu items
 *  Config setting 'Enabled=' removed
 +  New setting 'Disable=' to gray out and disable items (ie. Disable=1)
 +  New setting 'Hide=' to hide items (ie. Hide=1)
 +  New setting 'NeedFile=' to check a file path that must exist in order
    for the menu item to be enabled. You can specify a list of file paths
    needed by adding multiple 'NeedFile=' settings. If the file does not
    exist the menu item is grayed out and disabled. (suggested by ganzzz)
 +  New setting 'NeedFileMode=' to change the way multiple needed file
    paths are handled. With 'NeedFileMode=AND' (default) all paths must
    exist, with 'NeedFileMode=OR' at least one file path must exist.
 *  You can now also use 'yes', 'no', 'true', and 'false' (case-insensitive)
    instead of '0' and '1' for all boolean settings in config file if you
    prefer (eg. 'Hide=yes' or 'Folders=no')

Re: Format Menu - 0.3b

Posted: Fri 21 Oct, 2011 20:51
by twodev
Format Menu 0.5 for FAR2 released, with important fixes.

Changes and downloads are here: