Number hotkeys for folder shortcuts?

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Number hotkeys for folder shortcuts?

Post by old_gregg »

I think it would be cool if the (Right-Ctrl+#) folder shortcut menu had shortcut keys so I wouldn't have to arrow down the list. I have a lot of folders in some of them.
I want to hit Right-Ctrl+4, 3, and it would take me to the third entry.

Or letters might work better.

Or, they could be sorted by most recent access.

What am I missing about this screen? It seems like bad UX when I have to arrow down 6 times to get to my shortcut. After all, shortcuts should be short.
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Number hotkeys for folder shortcuts?

Post by HaRT »

The “Folder shortcuts” menus do have auto-assigned hotkeys (mnemonics) inside the items' texts. Please watch for letters in a different color (unless you broke your color scheme).
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Number hotkeys for folder shortcuts?

Post by DrKnS »

You can name your items like "&1. Foo" and "&2. Bar". Any character after '&' is a hotkey.
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