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Filters menu. Cannot uncheck

Posted: Tue 24 Oct, 2017 15:17
by Sisyphos
Far30b5000.x64 Windows 8

I have set a filter in filters menu. But after I don't need it anymore I cannot uncheck it.
It is always active. Even after restart.

I found a report from year 2014, exactly like mine problem:
3. Нажимаем Enter, подтверждая выбранный фильтр - теперь в папке виден только один файл 1.txt
4. Нажимаем Ctrl-I и снимаем фильтр с элемента *.txt либо с помощью Shift-BS, либо Space, либо -
5. Нажимаем Enter, подтверждая удаление фильтра - а в файловой панели по-прежнему активен фильтр *.txt
Перезапуск FAR не помогает.
Could not find any solutions though.

Filters menu. Cannot uncheck

Posted: Mon 19 Feb, 2018 08:19
by Sisyphos
My solution was to delete users profile folder
C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Far Manager\Profile

After that everyting was in pristine condition.
Not a elegant solution, but it worked.

Filters menu. Cannot uncheck

Posted: Mon 19 Feb, 2018 09:56
by 2useven10
Can't reproduce. Everything works fine.