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macro non longer working

Posted: Thu 09 Aug, 2018 03:13
by groskwik
I have been using farmanager build 4774 for a long time and decided to update to the current stable release.

My macro do not work anymore with this release. These are lua files stored in FARPROFILE%/Macros/internal. I tried to move them to /scripts with no success.
I couldn't record a new macro either.

So I went back to build 4774. Any idea for this problem ?


macro non longer working

Posted: Thu 09 Aug, 2018 08:51
by Shmuel
1. To fix your macros in "internal" directory you need to "wrap" each macro into
Macro {
and add a semicolon at the end of each line. Then reload Far.

2. Regarding the failure to record new macros - this should work, nothing has changed in recording.

macro non longer working

Posted: Mon 13 Aug, 2018 08:38
by groskwik
Thanks !!
This is working.
I have wrritten a script to modify all my macros.

For the recording I found the problem. I use an AZERTY French keyboard. I have to press ctrl ; to record a macro ! I didn't remember that.