Heap of SEFP/ JDFlasher troubles

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FAR manager can not Connect

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Dear member,i am newbie here and i'm looking for help about FAR manager.

I have two Sony Ericsson C510 with R1EA030 CID53 RED and R1HA035 CID53 RED.
My question,why i cant connect it both to FAR manager

and my omnius log file

1. R1EA030

2. R1HA035

Gordon Gate driver already installed.
i have try other USB port but still no progress.

And maybe i can solve it here.

thanks before and sorry for my english
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Re: Heap of SEFP/ JDFlasher troubles

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You may be interested in the following topic: «JDflasher and SEFP (Sony-Ericsson Flash Plugin) aren't here».
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Re: Heap of SEFP/ JDFlasher troubles

Post by velizarcho123 »

I have a big trouble with JDFLASHER. I wanna run it on Win8.1 64bit but when I press "Just da flasher", Far manager crashes. I CANNOT run Jdflasher!
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Re: Heap of SEFP/ JDFlasher troubles

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use far 1.7 x86
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