FarMenu.ini - Hide command lines.

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FarMenu.ini - Hide command lines.

Post by Marton »

I decided to build my FarMenu.ini and have a (probably stupid) question:
How do I hide the command lines?

For example, I have these menu commands:
everything -startup
tmp:+full <es.exe !?$EverythingSearch$Everything Search?!
tskill everything

When I run the menu, underneath the panels I get:

C:\CurrentFolder>everything -startup

C:\CurrentFolder>tskill everything

How do I hide those? I checked the docs and the forums and couldn't find anything. Tried with @ like in batch files but they still show up.
Even tried with far:run everything -startup, but nothing happens. Is far:run working?
(Using Far 1.75.2565 on XP)


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