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Auto Complete Comments

Post by d3x0r »

I like the new autocomplete - takes a little getting used to. But; and I don't know really how to fix it... but when dealing with disconnected drives - as i often have as I go from site to site, when I type 'net use v:' it takes forever to timeout the connection since v: isn't a mapped drive, and I just want to type ' /d' after it (including a space).

Maybe wait for a / or \ after '<drive>:' before parsing the drive? There's not a lot of reason to pull autocomplete if you're just referncing the drive - becuase then are you going to read the root of the drive or the current path on that drive? (since a 'copy xxx.txt d:' would put the file in the current directory of D: and not the root)...
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Auto Complete Comments

Post by Xerox »

Seems to be fixed in latest FAR versions

Hello, probably too late, but nevertheless, can be helpful to others.
In "far:config/Interface.Completion.UseFilesystem" your put "false" either "other".
It just disables automatic search for files in guessed paths.
However, you can still half-auto complete using Control-Space

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