FAR 3.0 - Cannot select files using a mask in panel

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FAR 3.0 - Cannot select files using a mask in panel

Post by Marcos » Tue 28 Aug, 2012 15:58

FAR 3.0, build 2790, x86, OS: Win7
Files in the panel with search results cannot be selected using a mask as expected. The full path is treated as the string which is searched in.

Steps to reproduce:
1, search for files (e.g. *.*) via Alt+F7
2, display the search results in a panel
3, try to select files (via +) commencing with a certain string or letter, e.g. setup*.*

No files will be selected using the mask (e.g. setup*.*), it is necessary to add an asterisk at the beginning (e.g *setup*.*), however, this may select unwanted files as well.

Was this change intentional? At least I don't recall this issue with an older build of FAR3 on Windows XP before. I couldn't find a way how to reliably select files commencing with certain letters (\setup*.* nor \\setup*.* did work) in the search results panel.

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