HotKeys, Hotlists

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HotKeys, Hotlists

Post by hoffenfar » Sat 14 Jan, 2012 00:06

I miss (or didn't found yet) the following functions, which I use quite often:

- Open active Folder in the other panel, or show same folder in the other panel
-- TotalCommander/FreeCommander: Ctrl+CursorLeft/Right
-- DOS Navigator (NDN): Ctrl+Shift+], Ctrl+Shift+[ (should work, but it doesn't for me)

- Adding arbitrary entries to the Drive hotlist (Alt+F1, Alt+F2). With NDN, one could add nearly arbitrary entries there, so one have to use only one Hotlist instead of remembering things like Ctrl+RightAlt+0 etc... Ok, in TotalCommander, the Alt+F1/F2 hotlists are also fix, bit there are a simple Ctrl+D hotlist, which is entirely configurable.

Игорь Юдинцев
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Re: HotKeys, Hotlists

Post by Игорь Юдинцев » Sat 14 Jan, 2012 19:21

Open same folder on the other panel with FAR Commands plugin from the default plugin bundle (see its configuration dialog); as usual, this can be bound to any combination of keys with macros.
Arbitrary entries to the drive selection dialog are added with Disk menu editor plugin.
Check also TmpPanel's "Menu from file list" option (see %FARHOME%\Plugins\TmpPanel\disks.eng.temp as an example); I use it for quick navigation to predefined folders (as well as PanelTabs plugin).

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