Copy Folders with their Original Time Stamp

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Copy Folders with their Original Time Stamp

Post by rs3d » Fri 01 Jun, 2012 23:12

This is something I still would find very useful - please add an option to
the copy dialog that Folders are copied with their original time stamp.

This would be helpful eg. to find project folders by date after a quick backup ...

Thanks for making FAR! Best :-)

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Re: Copy Folders with their Original Time Stamp

Post by KtW » Sun 01 Sep, 2013 12:09

I Second That Option!
Because It's Useful Also For Sync Jobs...

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Copy Folders with their Original Time Stamp

Post by Marton » Fri 07 Apr, 2017 04:25

About four years later, I third that option. It would make my life easier when making backups. This is giving me a hard time, using robocopy via cmd line for something so simple as keeping the date of the original folders... that it even fails to do so.
On Far I think this should be the default when copying folders...
Thanks for keeping up with Far, I enjoy it very much.

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Copy Folders with their Original Time Stamp

Post by KlepetoX » Fri 07 Apr, 2017 19:10

It is possible with SimSU's macros. Search them here and the macro is "SimSU.Plugin_FastCopy". It uses free external program FastCopy. I have modification of this macro with confirmation and warning dialogs. Beside copying, moving, deleting files, it is possible also folder synchronization, mirroring... FastCopy copies files on background - another great advantage. I don't know if it is legal to post modified macros of other authors here. But you can find it and use it as is. It's a great possibility and thanks to SimSU for it. It's a pitty that FAR doesn't do this basic things by itself (preserving time stamps, background operations...).

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