A second changelog

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A second changelog

Post by Konrad » Wed 05 Jun, 2013 21:17

I've just upgraded my Far3 installation by few hundred builds and I discovered a missing 'feature': a changelog with user visible changes. I did the update because most likely there are numerous bug fixes since my previous (build 3000) installation and possibly some new features... but I don't know which ones (if any).

There are changelog and changelog_eng files in the distribution archives, but most of the changes listed refer to some code changes, which are usually bug fixes or small improvements in some modules. I don't feel like reading few hundred small entries. What would be very useful to regular users is a much, much shorter changelog listing changes which are visible and/or important to end users, like 'build 6789: New option for file copying added' or 'build 7890: New macro language' etc.

Not a big effort, but very useful thing, I guess.

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Re: A second changelog

Post by DrKnS » Wed 05 Jun, 2013 23:12

Comparing to 3000:

more than 10 panel modes possible
some dfs info in attributes dialog
option for disabling byte order mark for the new files in utf8/16 encoding
improved 'find all' function in editor
editor now uses less memory and works faster
support for using regular file masks and regexps at the same time
folder shortcuts improvements
colors support in prompt
new option for replace function in editor - 'preserve style'
option to choose any default codepage for viewer/editor, not oem/ansi only

also numerous improvements in the macros.

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Re: A second changelog

Post by Konrad » Thu 06 Jun, 2013 20:52

Big thanks!

Now, can you put that text (and keep it updated on the same level) in some text file for all future distributions? That was my suggestion...

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