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PictureView ConEmu drag&drop problem

Posted: Fri 20 Oct, 2017 07:36
by KlepetoX
After view any picture, ConEmu drag and drop function doesn't work until directory change or go to passive panel and back.

Also FAR window title is not refreshed (even in FAR without ConEmu):

PictureView ConEmu drag&drop problem

Posted: Thu 25 Jan, 2018 13:15
by KlepetoX
I have found following thing to reproduce the problem:

Call plugin PictView3 from plugin menu or with file association on Enter with plugin prefix pic:"!.!"

- then Title of FAR window (with or without ConEmu) is not refreshed, drag & drop stopped work in ConEmu until a directory is changed

Call plugin on Enter as default without any other setting in file association or plugin

- everything is ok

I tested it in bare FAR and plugin with all settings left as default.