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Clink — bash-style command line completion

Posted: Wed 08 Nov, 2017 07:52
by troet
I very much love the unix-bash-style tab completion and never got comfortable with the far way of displaying a selection list for that.
Now I stumbled upon clink. (I'm not able to post a link to it. Please find it on mridgers dot github dot io/clink/). Some sites on the Internet suggest that it should integrate with Conemu and Far Manager.

But I cannot get it to do what I want: The Tab completion only works with conemu alone, on the Far command line no key bindings seem to be active. And I find no way of assigning bindings to the clink functions.

Has anyone managed to get it to work?


Posted: Wed 08 Nov, 2017 13:02
by HaRT
troet wrote: Wed 08 Nov, 2017 07:52Has anyone managed to get it to work?
Ideas to integrate Clink into FAR were raised several times in the Russian-language part of the forum over the years but nobody made even a prototype AFAIK.

Clink — bash-style command line completion

Posted: Mon 25 Nov, 2019 12:10
by Xerox
My IMHO is, that FAR by itself is kind of "clink".
It makes console more feature rich, or kind of shell.
I would not say that cLink is richer or better, or add something to already existing FAR abilities.
You may implement bash-like behaviour in FAR with some lua-macros for example
However, historically that is something against traditional common practices using FAR.

BTW, that is the problem with FAR completion?
it has a few decent option to adjust as needed: