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Colorer — syntax highlighting and text parsing

Posted: Thu 13 Dec, 2018 10:07
by LigH

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The current repository is at:

Download binary releases from:

Furthermore, a rather recent installation of Far Manager v3.0.5xxx should contain a just as recent FarColorer plugin.

Colorer — syntax highlighting and text parsing

Posted: Tue 21 May, 2019 10:51
by csaba.coder
I found a little error in the SQL.hrc file.
In SQL file the string content separator character apostrophe. ('some string'). If I use apostrophe as part of string content, I use double apostrophe ('string with '' character', therefore the escape charetrer is an other apostrophe). But the sql.hrc use as escape the backslash (\) character instead of apostrophe). Would be nice if support fix this error.

A possible fix:

sql.hrc from line 949 current:

<scheme name="stringApost" if="backslash_escapes">
<regexp match="/\\'/" region='def:StringContent'/>

With my fix:

<scheme name="stringApost" if="backslash_escapes">
<regexp match="/''/" region='def:StringContent'/>

This may not be the best, but working.