DirSync3 — Synchronize Directories

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DirSync3 — Synchronize Directories

Post by Dennis_Moore » Sun 26 Feb, 2017 15:37

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pepak wrote: Environment variables can be arranged, will put it in my TODO list.
Temporary solution. Using EnvMan with something like this:

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DirSync3 — Synchronize Directories

Post by pepak » Fri 28 Jul, 2017 18:57

Version 1.02
  • If no synchronization items remained in the editor when it was being closed, the editor would reappear immediately. It was not possible to leave the editor unless at least one item remained in it.
  • When opening the editor with the differences for the first time (not using "return to editor"), the cursor is positioned at the first synchronization item.
  • The progress window no longer shows the NT schematics (\\?\) in filenames. The same is true for various confirmation dialogs.
  • Tightened checks for error conditions:
    • A source file or directory requested for synchronization does not exist at the time synchronization is to be actually performed.
    • A source directory is no longer a directory when synchronizing.
    • A destination for a directory copy exists but is not a directory.
  • When running the visual comparison command, environment variables such as %ProgramFiles% in the command get expanded.

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