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NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Sat 04 Dec, 2010 21:00
by Michael Lukashov

Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Sun 27 Oct, 2013 16:57
by PavelR

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pandronic wrote:Did any Far/Netbox developer read this?

This really sucks. Until this is fixed, Far is unusable for me. Meanwhile, I think I'll install Far 2 with WinSCP or look at other file managers.
WinSCP works fine in FAR 3...

Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Mon 28 Oct, 2013 06:39
by pandronic
Good to know. Thanks.

Edit: Just tested it. Works like a charm.

Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Mon 28 Oct, 2013 13:47
by KlepetoX
Hello Pandronic. There's no need to look for other file managers. I think that there is nothing better and powerful than FAR is. It's wasting time only to search anything...

Why to quit from FAR because of one unfinished and buggy plug-in?

You can still use the old reliable ansi FTP plug-in (new version is on plugring) or WinSCP (you can see that it is still working even if there won't hardly be a new version in the future). We can hope that NetBox's author will remove bugs as soon as possible. In the meantime, we can use some alternatives and take it easy :-) On the other hand, the truth is that NetBox in the state as is today puts a shame on FAR developers being seen from outside.

Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Mon 28 Oct, 2013 21:01
by pandronic
Hi, thanks for your nice reply. I've been using Far for more than 10 years and it's scary how dependent I'm on it. I was just frustrated by the fact that NetBox which comes by default with Far is so incredibly buggy and I thought that WinSCP didn't work with Far3 (I'm glad I was wrong).

I'm also bummed about the way things are going with Far - the development is slow, all the info is in Russian, the plugins are spread around different Russian forums or different sites, you rarely find the latest versions on Plugring, a lot of plugins are buggy from one version to the next etc etc ... it's a mess. I know it's open source and people code it in their free time and I'm grateful for that, but I just wish that there was a commercial well-supported and constantly developed version with an up-to-date plugin repository. I'd gladly pay $50 for something like that.

Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Tue 29 Oct, 2013 08:15
by KlepetoX
Hi Pandronic. As for me, I regret that FAR is devoleped for developers and not for end users. There are no changes visible for end users for many months, maybe years. For example, very basic things - FAR should be file and archive manager, ok - but every such other manager can copy and archive files on backgroud - and FAR? Cannot. Interesting that version 2 can archive on background (mulitarc plugin) and new arclite can't. Plugin Background copy existed for FAR2, there's nothing similar for version 3. And another basic thing for every file manager - sorting by clicking on column titles. Impossible, better to have titles hidden when have no function.

On the other hand because the macro language, many and many things I can do by myself, which is not possible in other managers. So I will stay with FAR probably for ever, there is nothing better after all.

Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Wed 06 Nov, 2013 09:01
by pdan_pdan
WIth the latest update NetBox is almost always crashing.
Crash logs attached
(19 KiB) Downloaded 191 times

Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Tue 04 Feb, 2014 18:38
by ultramage
Would anyone happen to know how the far dev team builds NetBox for their releases?
I build latest trunk of Far Manager from svn. I build latest trunk of NetBox from github. The plugin is ignored by Far because it does not have the correct dll exports (dies on NativePluginModel::FindExport() GetGlobalInfoW check). From the sources I can see that it's targeting its Far2 PluginSDK. If I retarget it to its outdated Far3 PluginSDK, it fails to compile.
When I compare my dll and the official dll using dumpbin /exports, I see that Far's version uses the far3 api. Are there private edits in the official release to make the dll work? Or am I just making a mistake somewhere?

EDIT: thank you.

Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Tue 04 Feb, 2014 20:44
by 2useven10
You have to use 'far3' branch for far3, 'master' is far2 branch.

Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Mon 10 Feb, 2014 12:24
by pepak
I would be very happy if NetBox could add several new features. As far as I can tell, they have not been requested in this thread yet, though they may have appeared in the russian forum (I don't know):

1) Stored passwords should optionally be encrypted by a user-defined master password. When NetBox first needs to read a stored password, it would ask about the master password and store it as long as that particular instance of FAR is running. That way I would only need to enter the master password once per session, which is certainly tolerable, and I would get a benefit of being able to store the passwords and carry them along. It would be particularly useful in case of FAR3, which is able to work as portable.

2) It would be nice if I could (optionally) store my private key file within the plugin's SQLite configuration, rather than in a separate file.

3) This is more of a question: Can I use relative paths when specifying private key file location? And if I can, they are relative to what? I think relative to either FARHOME (for FAR2) or FARPROFILE (for FAR3) would be the best.


Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Sun 23 Feb, 2014 10:03
by pepak
That's strange - I always thought that NetBox supports directories for its host list. But now I am trying to prepare a FAR3 configuration and even though I can create a folder, when I create a host configuration in it, this new configuration in fact moves to the root directory of NetBox Sessions and the directory itself disappears. This happens with both the FAR3 plugin version 2.1.31 (shipped with FAR3 build 3525) and the FAR2 plugin version 2.1.30. Is it normal?

Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Fri 23 May, 2014 17:36
by dma_k
Would be nice if NetBox supports environment variables substitution in the field "Private key file", for example:

Code: Select all

Private key file:

Re: NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Sat 04 Oct, 2014 08:57
by pepak
Not sure if ice_scream follows the FAR Manager bugtracker and the bug I reported there is difficult to fix or not important enough to fix, so I will just note here that bug still occurs in NetBox included with FAR Nightly 4127. I would say it is a pretty major bug, but perhaps I am mistaken.

And another bug, This one is minor.

NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Tue 25 Nov, 2014 01:02
by KtW
This Is Really A Nice Plugin...

...But For Me It's Keep Disconnecting "Timeout detected" When Transfering Files And When Browsing An FTP Server
Even If With FlashFXP Or Original Far FTP Client Works Flawless!

How Can Be Possible? ...Do You Have Some Suggestion To Try Or Something To Reset I Can Try?

For Me Is Now Inusable... :cry:

I've Found A Mitigation Of The Problem... I've Turned Off Emule And Torrent Client So Upload Bandwidth Is Almost Free
Now I Can Use NetBox Again With Less "Timeout" Messages...

It Will Be Nice That The Plugin Can Use QOS Service Or Cache The Full Directory Tree In Background With A Second Connection...

NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Sat 13 Dec, 2014 00:15
by dma_k
I have a feeling that if WebDav website supports SSL, but SSLv2/v3 are switched off, NetBox v2.1.40 does not work. On maximum logging what it only interesting prints is [Got error: "Connection failed."], so I think that NetBox does not support TLS properly (I have tried all combinations of SSL/TLS). Is it possible to add more logging to the code to trace the problem down?

The same URL works OK on Linux with mount.devfs / OpenSSL 1.0.1i.

NetBox in Far3 does not use keyfile passphrase from Pageant

Posted: Mon 05 Jan, 2015 23:43
by sh0375

I'm trying to use Far3 x64 NetBox for making ssh connections to linux servers with private keyfiles.
For each new connection Far asks for passphrase of keyfile.
At the same time putty does not asks passphrase for the same connection - peageant is launched and key file is added to it.

I'm using far2 with pageant on WinXP for a lot of time. And Far2 does not asks for passphrase in the same situations.
What I'm doing wrong with Far3? Or it is bug of Far3 NextBox?


NetBox — SFTP/SCP/FTP/FTPS/WebDAV client

Posted: Thu 30 Jul, 2015 22:05
by KtW
Ok Finally Found The Solution To My Problem! :)

It Was Not A NetBox Problem But Windows Problem... :bojan:

Just Don't Use PASV Mode In Server Settings... :whistle:

Now I Need A Way To Tell NetBox To Don't Use PASV Mode By Default When Adding A New FTP Server :D