WinSCP Plugin Usage

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WinSCP Plugin Usage

Post by hoffenfar » Fri 13 Jan, 2012 23:54

It wasn't possible to connect to a certain host using the WinSCP plugin without first configuring the connection from within FAR via dialogs (F4, etc.). Sometimes, it's not possible to have such a correctly preconfigured FAR environment at every computer from where you have to administer many hosts, which change all over the time. In such sceneries, it's oven that you choose a destination host name via another selection tool and then using the chosen hostname to connect to the host.
Something like winscp://<hostname>/ instead of winscp://<connectionname>/ would be required. Eventually I do not fully understand everything, though...

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Re: WinSCP Plugin Usage

Post by t-rex » Sat 14 Jan, 2012 00:48

You can just scp://user:pass@hostname in the command line.

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WinSCP editing stopped working

Post by pandronic » Thu 09 Jul, 2015 07:59

Starting with FAR build 4399 I think, opening a remote file in the editor using the WinSCP plugin fails (something about permissions and some system call). I know about Netbox but I'd rather use WinSCP instead of it. What's the problem, why isn't it working anymore? Any way of doing that without installing an older version of Far?

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╔══════════════ Error ══════════════╗
║ Can't create file '³☺\test1.htm'. ║
║ A call to an OS function failed   ║
║  Abort   Retry   Skip   Skip all  ║

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WinSCP editing stopped working

Post by HaRT » Thu 09 Jul, 2015 12:38

Is there really a “³☺” directory on your local or remote system? I doubt.
Is that part of the message the same each time or it varies? That can be a key to why it doesn't work.
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WinSCP editing stopped working

Post by PavelR » Thu 09 Jul, 2015 12:49

Working scenario:
* download x86 version of FAR 3.44000 (7z)
* extract WinScp plugin (20019.05.17 - file version:, product version:
* use predefined putty connection to CentOS 5 (auth by key)
* in home directory (default directory after connection) press SHIFT+F4
* fill test.txt as file name
* press F2, ESC, ENTER
* file is created correctly (content can be edited)

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