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This is another rewrite of an old FAR1 plugin which I like a lot: NewName by Ivan Sintyurin. I tried to mimic the behavior of the original plugin for the most part, but it is a complete rewrite, no source code from the original was used. The plugin is now written in Delphi and supports both FAR 2 and 3, both 32bit and 64bit. The UI changes are mostly cosmetic, e.g. there are some new patterns and the ability to show which files failed to rename. In plugin options

The supported patterns are:
  • %# - the ordinal number of the file.
  • %h - the ordinal number of the file in hexadecimal (lower-case).
  • %H - the ordinal number of the file in hexadecimal (upper-case).
  • %t - the total number of files.
  • %f - original file name and extension.
  • %n - original file name without extension.
  • %e - original extension.
  • %% - the percent symbol (%).
Version 0.91
Source code
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Using the name of the original plugin will likely cause users' confusion.
Maybe you change the name at least a little?
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