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when selecting a new media device, hard drive, removable usb or cd/dvd-rom via the "alt + f1/f2 keys.
i think there should be an option to sort listing via:

drive letter: in alphabet order, (current default)
a: removable
c: fixed
d: fixed
e: cd-rom
f: removable

new features
drive name : can be in alphabet order, if no label present standard label "fixed,removable,cd-rom"
d: backups
f: movies
a: removable
c: system
e: terminator

have the "fixed,removable,cd-rom" expression with the label name after or before it in another boxed field
a: removable - dos-boot
c: fixed - system
d: fixed - backups
e: cd-rom - terminator
f: removable - movies

if you would like a more detailes and a view of what i mean via menu pictures let me know.
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Post by HaRT »

Looks like this functionality would perfectly fit into a concept of a panel plugin. No need to make changes in the Far core.

Wait a minute… There exists a plugin dedicated to drives: Drives Info. You should probably post your suggestions to the respective discussion.
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