FAR Developers. What is going on?

Хотите говорить о Far и не знаете, куда обратиться?
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FAR Developers. What is going on?

Post by vadim_c »

I have been using FAR probably from the very first days it appeared, many many years ago. It is easy the most useful application for me ever. I long forgot other applications that I used on my computers, FAR is the only software that survived may OS and hardware changes while itself changed very little at least cosmetically. It never let me down and I trusted it my most valuable files. It is like Fidel Castro.
Two or so years ago I experienced a crash. First ever! Then more followed. Then a few moths ago an unthinkable happened. It crashed while I was editing a file (F4 key). After relaunching it I discovered that the file that was edited was cut to zero size ! All information was gone. It was one day work that was wasted. Then another similar crash ( this time I was more careful and kept a recent copy.
Now FAR freezes on me on average once in two days. I cannot believe how the application degraded. I do not care about the new features, or better to say I do care but between new feature and stability I pick the latter any time of day.
It looks that after 20 or so years of using the application I am finally ready to give up. I cannot describe you my sad feelings. It feels like a divorce.
I do not know whom to blame. Whether it is developers or the new operating system upgrades, but it became unsafe. and due to the nature of the work this application does it can bring a lot of mess into your files.
So sad :-(

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FAR Developers. What is going on?

Post by HaRT »

vadim_c, I recommended you to re-read the Rules, especially statement 2.2.2.
Фар есть инструмент, а не нянька. © 2009 DrKnS

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FAR Developers. What is going on?

Post by писят шесят семисят »

Всех не перестреляете

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FAR Developers. What is going on?

Post by Kerberos464 »

vadim_c wrote: It feels like a divorce.
divorce is a freedom, enjoy it.
16.09.2012 14:35:28 +0200 - build 2799 - все нативные плагины перестали работать.
30.09.2012 03:26:20 +0200 - build 2851 - все макросы перестали работать.
31.02.2029 25:61:61 +0200 - build 6666 - весь фар перестал работать.

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FAR Developers. What is going on?

Post by Bobo »

When I tried to use far 3 on windows 10, I had similar problems. When switching to netbox quite often there was an error and far turned off. I tried to use far 2, but there was a problem with visual compare. Finally I have removed netbox from far 3, copied there ftp plugin from far 2 and it works fine. Btw, in windows 7 everything was ok. I think you have just to find the plugin, which causes the problem and find out, how it can be solved. The only problem, I couldn't solve is that when maximizing window I have green line in the bottom of window (below 1help 2UserMn 3View etc) and in the right size, also vertical scrollbar next to this line, but I think this is not the reason to divorce after our around 15 years long marriage. However, far is not a Romeo and I don't think you are Juliet, so divorce is not so rare situation.

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