Far Manager v3.0 build 6047 en Español México

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Far Manager v3.0 build 6047 en Español México

Post by cesarguillen »

Esta traducción es para la versión de Far30b6047.20221108

Traté de que la traducción de los textos fueran lo mas amigable posible. Tomé como base la traducción al español que viene por defecto con el programa, amplié algunos diálogos y reconfiguré las teclas rápidas. Todavía no es un trabajo 100% terminado, ya que quedan algunas frases en inglés sin traducir y falta implementar correctamente algunos textos al español. Con este avance alcanzado, el textos es menos confuso y el programa es más intuitivo.

.Language=Spanish,Spanish (Español) v3.0.6047.0
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Far Manager v3.0 build 6047 en Español México

Post by DrKnS »

cesarguillen, gracias.

A few notes:
  • The current translation is provided by @Mauro72 and probably has some Argentinian flavor. Are Argentinian Spanish and Mexican Spanish the same/similar enough to have a single file for both flavors without ambiguities? Ideally compatible with Spanish Spanish too. Perhaps you could cooperate directly if needed?
  • The preferred product name these days is "Far" rather than "FAR", at least this is how it's spelled in the rest of the translations.
  • Functional key labels ideally should stay readable when limited to 6 characters, e.g. both "SelUnidad_Izq" and "SelUnidad_Der" will look like "SelUni" when the window is not maximized, which is probably not helpful at all.
  • Expanding strings in dialogs should be done carefully. Sometimes being too descriptive can cause a confusion, e.g. all these labels are used for both files and directories, so it's better to not mention "archivo" explicitly.
  • In general, it is preferable to update translations via pull requests to this file (a good example). It is more visible, easier to see the differences, review, comment, make sure that it is consistent with other languages etc.
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Far Manager v3.0 build 6047 en Español México

Post by HaRT »

cesarguillen, I suggest that you discuss the best translations with Mauro72 in the historic topic.
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