Synchronize Directory (obsolete)

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Synchronize Directory (obsolete)

Post by pepak »

This plugin is just a modification of the standard Advanced Compare plugin. The differences, apart from my own bugs :-), are:

- Progress bar during compare. Advanced Compare only displays the name of file which is being processed, which is rather less than useful for long files when "compare by content" is turned on.

- Report of found differences. Advanced Compare only selects differing files, which is quite reasonable if you work in a single directory, but less so if you want to find changes in a whole directory tree. Also, it is difficult to locate files which are different but have the same timestamp. Synchronize Directories displays a textual report of all changes and uses symbols to represent what kind of change is there.

- One day, if I overcome my laziness, I hope to update the plugin to perform file operations needed to synchronize both directories.

Please note:

- It is recommended to upgrade to a FAR Manager version at least 1.71a4 build 2348, which added support for PFLAGS_PANELLEFT and PFLAGS_PANELRIGHT. Otherwise the plugin can not recognize which panel is left and which is right and defaults to "active is left".

- My added code is very poor. While I can read C/C++ code and know the syntax, I have never actually used either language and don't know the available functions. The code I wrote is based on this fact - I needed something that would limit changes to as few places as possible, allow easy debugging and above all, could be hacked together using functions already present in the code.

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