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Registry Browser 3.xx

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The Registry Browser plugin has been recently migrated to Unicode FAR.

It can be downloaded here (the plugin's home page) or here (the Russian forum).

Here is the latest version history:

Version 3.00, 27 Jun 2009

[+] The first Unicode version (for FAR 2.00). Keys and values can be imported/exported/edited/created in Unicode.
[+] Buttons added to copy dialog from .reg files (mouse-friendly).
[*] List of locations for GUID/ProgID Lookup was defined more correctly and expanded.
[-] Security editor didn't work correctly on Vista/2008.
[-] Ctrl-J didn't jump to right location in REGEDIT on 64-bit systems.
[-] Hive file sometimes remained locked after closing. Restarting FAR was required.
[-] When deleting a key, the plugin attempted to open its parent key with unnecessary KEY_ENUMERATE_SUB_KEYS flag.

Version 3.01, 28 Jun 2009

[-] Lastt characterr wass duplicatedd when F4-editing values in the Unicode version.
[-] Ctrl-G didn't work in the Unicode version.
[-] Some unnecessary permissions were still requested when deleting a key.

Version 3.02, 3 Jul 2009

[-] Unicode version: memory allocation bug crashed FAR sometimes.
[-] ANSI version: fixed sorting by names and descriptions (intl chars).

Version 3.10, 17 Jul 2009

[+] The first 64-bit version is available.
[+] Export to both old REGEDIT4 and newer Unicode REG files is possible in both versions of the plugin.
[-] ANSI version: FAR crash when sorting by descriptions.
[-] ANSI version: fixed some old bugs in export from Unicode REG files
[-] ANSI version: descriptions for multi-line and expanded strings in Unicode .reg files were not displayed correctly.

Version 3.20, 25 Jul 2010

[+] On 64-bit Windows, Shift-F3 switches the 32-bit plugin to the 64-bit registry, or the 64-bit plugin to the 32-bit registry. Pressing Shift-F3 again switches it back. (Warning: Shift-F3 is not quite integrated with other FAR features: e.g., you can't set shortcuts to alternate registry, etc.)
[+] Owner names are cached, the limitation of displaying owners only for 100 items is removed.
[-] Owners sometimes were not displayed for remote machines and for the TrustedInstaller user.
[-] In the Unicode version, F4 pressed on keys sometimes opened Permissions dialog instead of editing.
[-] When F4 is pressed on a multi-string value in .reg file, it is displayed multi-line, like in registry.

Version 3.21, 3 Aug 2010 (64-bit only)
[-] Crashes in dialogs in the 64-bit version
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