DirSync — Synchronize Directories

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DirSync — Synchronize Directories

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NOTE: As of 2015-07-24, this plugin is obsolete and has been replaced with DirSync3

DirSync is a plugin for FAR Manager (version 1.70) that allows a user to synchronize the contents of two directories, much like "Synchronize Folders" function of Total Commander. It is heavily based on Advanced Compare plugin that comes with FAR, with several improvements:

- A progress is displayed for "compare by content" (useful if you compare large files on slow media, e.g. when verifying contents of DVDs)

- After a comparison is finished, a new editor is opened with a list of found differences. This is quite useful even if you don't intend to do a synchronization, because - unlike Advanced Compare - it will display specific differences in subdirectories (A.C. only tells you that there is SOME difference SOMEWHERE in a subdirectory, but not what difference it is).

- You can edit the list of differences using all the power of FAR editor, including custom plugins such as Regular Expression Search and Replace.

- When the editor is closed, the plugin offers the synchronization. You can choose "copy to left" and "copy to right", with "confirm overwrite" for each direction, or ESCape the dialog and perform no synchronization. Only lines that remained in the list at the time it was last saved will be processed.

Problems/Future goals

- At the moment the plugin is only intended for FAR 1.70 (or better yet, 1.75, which allows identification of left/right panel). It does work under FAR 2.0, but has no support whatsoever for Unicode, so it is likely it will fail with non-OEM filenames.

- The code is not optimized in any way. I am not a C programmer, and while I can read C source and even modify it a little, I have zero knowledge of available functions, classes and such. Also, I have no idea of how to set up a debugging environment for C, which forces me to rely on status messages at key points of a code; thus, it is to be expected that some bugs remain in the code.


Version 0.02 with russian language file by Игорь Юдинцев
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