Embedding parent/global user menu in a local user menu

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Embedding parent/global user menu in a local user menu

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I wonder: Is it possible to automatically include a parent user menu or a global user menu in a local user menu? The reason I want it is:

1) I have several user menu commands which are valid for any directory -> should be a global user menu.

2) In a specific directory, I want some custom actions specific to that directory -> should be a local user menu. However, if I create a local menu, I lose the commands of the global menu. I can press SHIFT+F2 to display the global menu, but that isn't really a good thing - basically, I want to be able to press F2 C to perform a Compare Files regardless of the directory; having to think about the type of menu used in a specific directory prevents that.

3) In a specific directory tree, I want some custom actions specific to that tree. This can be somewhat implemented with a user menu, but again, I would have to use different shortcuts in different directories (F2 in the top directory, F2 SHIFT+F2 everywhere else).

Problem nr. 2 would be solved for me if the farmenu.ini was extended with a set of directives. E.g.:

Global menu

Code: Select all

C: Compare Files
   winmerge "!.!" "!#!\!^!.!"
Local menu

Code: Select all

#include global
B: Build the project
I am not sure about problem nr. 3 - basically, it would require also scanning all parent directories for farmenu.ini automatically, but that would be slow for e.g. network drives. However, that could be mitigated by providing a set of directories where this search is required in the User Menu options.
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