Interface colour problem (used with PATH)

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Interface colour problem (used with PATH)

Post by Xnope »

I've been searching for a solution to my problem for little over an hour now, so apologies if this has already been resolved.

I'm attaching two images that illustrate my problem.

I just downloaded far and added it to my Windows 10 PATH variable. It's notable that my default CMD foreground colour is RGB red, though my background colour is black. The problem happens when I run far.exe through PATH. When I run it normally through the installation directory, there are no colouring issues.

As you might see in the images, it's quite annoying that I cannot see input in the command line and I cannot see any options in menus, due to the background being pure red with a pure red foreground.

Thx if anyone has any thoughts on the problem.
far-problem2.png (31.94 KiB) Viewed 11341 times
far-problem.png (36.98 KiB) Viewed 11341 times
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Interface colour problem (used with PATH)

Post by DrKnS »

Xnope wrote: Tue 12 Sep, 2017 13:17The problem happens when I run far.exe through PATH
I have a feeling that it is not about PATH, but about running in an existing console or in a new one.
What exactly do you mean by "RGB red"? Could you please show the "Colors" page of your console properties window for both problematic and normal cases?
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