Assistance Exporting Main Help File in Html

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Assistance Exporting Main Help File in Html

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I would like get the full embedded FarManager Help File Index which is accessible by F1, saved/exported outside of the application but still maintain the .html/.chm format. After searching the forum, I see that HlfView has been recommended viewtopic.php?f=36&t=11597. I downloaded and installed FarManager portable x86 to test but I have not been successful activating this. I also tried HLF to Html. Neither Shift alt f9 nor F11 shows the added plugins, but it does exist in the Plugins folder.

I have also tried opening the FarRuss/FarEng.hlf files via Sublime Text and then saving as .html but this did not work. Maybe there is an alternate process that will work-Can anyone familiar with this process assist?


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