ImpEx - PE & Resource browser

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ImpEx - PE & Resource browser

Post by Maximus5 » Sat 30 Jan, 2010 15:30

Open source PE browser plugin. Based on PEDUMP.

* Examining structure (imports, exports and others) of 16/32/64 bit PE's, *.lib and *.obj files.
* Extracting resources from 16/32/64 bit PE's (i.e. *.fon, *.icl files).
* String table visualization.
* Long file names support in FAR2.

May be called by:
1) prefix "ImpEx:PE_file"
2) Plugin menu, item "ImpEx"

Works under FAR1, FAR2, x86, x64

Download ImpEx (FAR1/FAR2/x86/x64)
Russian announce

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