Color Picker - call Windows color selection dialog

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Color Picker - call Windows color selection dialog

Post by ztrekr » Sun 21 Mar, 2010 11:28

Far Color Picker (v1.0)

This plugin allows you to call the standard Windows color picker from Far.
Intended as a replacement for the True Color plugin.

Far version: 1.70 b5 (may work on earlier versions)

Differences with the True Color plugin:
* Initial color is set by the value under cursor (good for quick preview of the color - extremely useful for HTML or CSS editing).
* Doesn't write "error" if the Color Picker was closed by Esc or Cancel - in this case it simply does nothing.
* Doesn't require the Borland DLL (800+ Kb).

Note: you can replace the Windows color picker by some better alternative, most notably - Jovian and this plugin should still work (tested with Jovian).

Discussion (Russian):

Download from here:


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